CRYPTO CURRENCY SUMMIT…Technology , Ideas and the Future of Crypto Currencies and Blockchain

The Crypto Currrency Forum was started to provide a venue where professionals who have an interest in Crypto Currencies and The Block Chain can exchange ideas and find out the latest innovations in the rapidly evolving Crypto World.

Crypto Currency Forum is put on by the same organizers that put on the Emerging Manager Forum and CTA EXPO events.

The CTA Expo and Emerging Manager Forum conferences were started in 2008 to help Professional Investors, Allocators, Capital Raisers, Institutions, and RIA’s meet and identify new and emerging talent in the Hedge Fund, CTA, FX, and Alternative Management space to promote alternative investments. We now offer events in New York, Chicago, and Miami.

In 2017, the conferences in New York and Chicago again reached attendance capacity, and the Miami Forum registrations were up over 20% with over 100 attendees from the Florida Alternative Investment Community.

The attendance of our previous conferences has been heavily weighted to capital sources and traders. Typically less than 25% of attendees represent service providers. In 2017, 45% of attendees had never attended on of our previous conferences.

Capital Sources including Professional Investors, Allocators, Capital Raisers, Institutions, and RIA’s attend the events for free.

Our events are more than conferences. In 2017, the CTA Expo and Emerging Manager websites got an average of over 21,000 unique visitors for the year, up over 20% from 2015 and over 28% of our visitors were from outside the U.S. Our online Service Provider Directory is viewed over 450 times each month up almost 400% since we began publishing it in 2015.